What’s happening in Pre-K

We began our new unit “Where We Live”. We read about different kinds of homes. In centers, children created structures of homes using materials such as blocks, cardboard boxes, and paper.

“This is a house. It’s called the future. In the back is the balcony where there is people talking.” – Bruce
Paperbag Houses
“The house. Mom’s house. Grandpa and grandma lives in the house. The slide is for going down.”- David
” We built a castle. Kings live in the castles.” – Angelo
” The cats are looking at the farmer mom and dad. They are having a party.” – Alexa
” The animals are working. They use a computer to work” – Freeman

To extend learning at home parents can encourage their child to create homes for people and animals using cardboard boxes or have your child make observations of the different types of buildings they see in their neighborhood.



Published by Ms. Cao

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher