Using vowel sounds to read and write!

Part of learning to read is learning to distinguish sounds from one another. In current Phonics unit, students have been learning the different sounds that vowels can make in English.

One of the challenging parts about learning to read and write in English is that one letter can make different sounds depending on its context. Vowels, which are generally understood as the letters A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y, are particularly complex. Each vowel has at least two possible sounds: long vowel sound and short vowel sound.

The attached pictures showed students learned to find and sort words into sound categories by using the resources from their individual writing, book baggies, and classroom.

At home, you can help your child to identify the vowels and vowel sounds by saying the words slowly to hear the vowels, then sorting words into long vowel, short vowel, or other vowel sounds.

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