Pre K – Important reminders

Morning Drop Off: Please note that the Pre K entrance will open at 8:25 AM. You will follow the steps on the arrival form outside. First step will be scanning the QR code for the health screening. Second step will be scanning the QR code to sign your child in. Once those steps are complete your child will have their temperature taken and they may enter the building. 

Afternoon Pick Up: Pick up is at 2:50 at the same entrance you use in the morning time.  Please sign your child out using the Dismissal QR code. Your child will be asked to wait to greet you until after they have been signed out.  This will help ensure their safety.

Change of Clothes & Shoes: Please send in an extra set of clothes, including socks, to keep at school in case of an emergency. Please send clothing in a large Ziploc bag, with their name on the outside of the bag.  If your child does need to be changed, please make sure their extra clothing gets replaced by their next school day. 

We will be active for the most part of the day as students will engage in gross motor activities and have P.E. with Mr. Cruz. For safety purposes, closed-toe shoes with Velcro are encouraged to help build their independence as they will be taking shoes off/putting it on daily during/after rest time. 

Blue Card & Emergency Contact: Each student should have a completed emergency contact card (blue card) on file. Blue cards are currently completed and housed in our OPEROO APP.  If there are any changes to parents’ contact information please notify us so it can be updated accordingly. Please update all emergency contacts on your child’s blue card in the event that you are unable to pick up your child. If the person picking up your child is not listed on the blue card we are unable to release your child due to safety protocols. Bring ID for verification purposes.

Snacks: We will have snack time each afternoon. Please send foods that are easy for your child to eat such as apple slices or goldfish crackers and a spill proof water bottle with water. In addition, we want to encourage healthy eating at PS 896, so we respectfully request that you only send healthy snacks with your child.  

Cot: Our Pre-K students will be taking rest time directly after lunch each day. We ask that all families send in a cot sheet and blanket for their child. We will send the sheet and blanket home each Friday for cleaning and you will need to return it back each Monday.

We are looking forward to working with each child and am excited to be a part of their growth and development.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the school year. 

Let’s work together to make this year full of fun, learning, and personal growth for your child!

Thank you,
Ms. Cao & Ms. Angie

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