Our First Week of School!

The children had a successful first week back to school filled with laughter, friends and learning. We started our week by getting to know each other through name games and sing-alongs, which the students really enjoyed. We took a tour of our classroom and learned all about the different materials in our room.

Throughout the week, children worked together and created structures using items such as building blocks, clay, recycled materials, art supplies and more. The students were so proud of what they made and had a great time exploring new materials! Through these hands-on, collaborative activities, children learned about math and science concepts, as well as practiced their writing skills. The children also created their own classroom rules, shared their summer memories with each other, engaged in independent and shared reading and practiced their addition skills.

I am so proud of all the work your children did this week and I look forward to many more exciting weeks ahead. Have a great weekend and enjoy the pictures of your new first-graders!

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