Our Second Week of School

group posing in back yard

Hello families!

 Our second week of school has come to an end and your children have been working so hard in the classroom. We have been exploring recycled materials and learning how we can use them in our creations. Through these collaborative experiences, the children are learning about patterns and shapes, creating intricate structures and building a sense of community as they get to know one another. 

As a class, the children decided to create a classroom welcome sign, filled with unique illustrations from every student. Each child contributed to this banner in their own way. Collectively, the children decided they wanted to be able to continue working on this sign over time, so for now, it is hanging in our classroom. When the children are done, our welcome sign will hang proudly in the hallway, right outside our classroom.

This Friday, we celebrated Rai Li’s 6th birthday with fun crafts, a dance party, and outdoor games. The children used some of their project time this week to make birthday cards and presents for her, which they were so proud of! The children had a wonderful time celebrating Rai Li, and they each went above and beyond to make her day special. 

I am so proud of the work your children have been doing, in and out of the classroom. I look forward to more collaborative creations and birthday celebrations with them all. 

Please enjoy these pictures from the past week and have a great weekend! 

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