Fall is here!


Time flies in our classroom. Our children are busy bees working hard every day to develop their reading, writing, social-emotional, fine and gross motor skills. Our friendships are getting stronger and we almost remember each other’s names! “Round and round is the name of the game. Round and round, and what’s your name?” we sing almost every morning.

During Exploration Time (Project Time) we invited our children to continue exploring recycle materials and build with them. Isabela created a laptop, Steven and Jeremiah made shields.

Since our students are learning about reading and writing, we invited them to a table, where they can make their own books. We prepared colored pencils and stapled paper to make it look like a book. We encourage children to use their knowledge about books and writing to create new stories.

At the math table, we invited children to use our math tools, shapes and counting cubes. Our children created unique designs with shapes. Some children were very involved with cubes, so they were comparing lengths of towers they made. It was so much fun! Theo counted about “a hundred and ten cubes!”

On Wednesday, Mrs. William and Ms. Cooper shared with us that it was the First day of Autumn! We took a trip to our backyard. We put on our imaginary binocular and we went on a journey to find the first signs of Fall. One of the first things we observed were dry leaves on the ground and some loose sticks. Our children noticed changing colors in the leaves, but they also realized that green leaves are still on the trees. Arlinda asked, “Why are some leaves dying and some don’t die?” That was something we need to find out!  As we were walking around, we spotted bees around our sunflowers. They are so tall! Bees were flying around us like they wanted to become friends. We are not so sure about that… Do you think they will sting us?

Another visitor in our backyard was a worm. We almost stepped on it! “It looks dead!” everyone was repeating. “It doesn’t have a head” said Nate. That was a mystery.

During our Reading and Writing workshops, we were practicing our skills of how to read by ourselves, with a partner, how to look at the books from the beginning till the end, and we listened to a few stories that our teachers read to us. In terms of writing, we practiced how to plan a writing piece, think of an idea, and put it on the paper. Just like all Writers do! Slowly but surely, we are becoming Readers and Writers, getting better each day!

As you can see, our week was full of wonderment, creativity, using our imagination, practicing new skills, and strengthening our friendships. We are looking forward to another week ahead of us.

Mrs. William, Ms. Cooper & Our Children.

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