Second Week of School

We had an awesome second week of learning! In Chinese language arts class, we got to celebrate our Mid-Autumn Festival by making lanterns and sharing mooncakes. We started to learn about Chinese culture and traditions. We also learned our Chinese names and practiced writing our names in Chinese.

In our project-based learning block, we explore different materials in our centers and our friends extended our conversation from leaves, twigs, and fruits to trips they made in the past. We talked about hiking and going to the beach with families. This week, we learned to use magnifying glasses to observe rocks, seashells, starfish, leaves, and fruits. We compared the differences between leaves and fruits that we saw last week and this week in our center. We spoke about the seasons in which we went to the beach and what kinds of things and activities we saw and did. Our friends drew pictures about autumn and they began to talk about their noticing about season change recently: “we wore long sleeves,” “it was windy and cold in the morning,” and “my mom made lemon water for me.”