Happy October K/1 ICT!

screenshot from momenet break

Hello friends, happy October! We are so excited to enter a new month of having fun, learning, and growing. Although we’ve been learning from home this week, we’re still having so much fun while our brains are growing stronger each and every day. 

This week has been extremely productive for all of our students. In reading, our Kindergarten group was practicing Good Reader’s Habits. We learned how to reread books to learn more and make sure we didn’t miss any information. We also learned how to put all pages of the book together by adding transition words “and then.” Another important skill that we practiced this week was that Readers reread to rethink. We went back to the familiar book “The Beetle Alphabet Book,” and looked carefully at the pages of the book. We reread the words, thought of what those words mean to us, and we connected them with the pictures. Last but not least, we also added ourselves to the words by saying, “I think” while analyzing what we just learned about.

Meanwhile, our first graders have been learning how to read more fluently. They have been using the strategy of tracking with their eyes and scooping up more words to read in phrases.  But, scholars know if that strategy doesn’t work, they can always look at all parts of a word to help them figure it out. Our readers are also becoming pros at dropping their bad habits, and replacing them with good ones, such as taking sneak peaks at the pictures in our books to help us figure out tricky words.

In Writing, our kindergarteners learned how to create books, and plan to write their teaching books so each page of the book contains everything we want to say about our topic. We also learned about how to create a scroll using tape and staple pages together to create a book. We are becoming better Writers every day! 

Meanwhile, our first graders have been learning all of the different ways they can revise their small moment stories. This includes rereading their own writing just like they read published books, making sure their writing is clear and makes sense for their readers. They’ve also done such an excellent job at bringing their small moment stories to life by making their characters think, feel, move and speak. I think we have so many future authors and publishers in our class!

This week, we’ve also started a new journey together, we were all introduced to the new phonics curriculum from Heggerty. We were not surprised to see our students pick up the new flow so quickly. We’ve had so much fun learning and improving upon our rhyming skills, compound word knowledge, and beginning/final sound isolation. We are so excited to see all the progress we will make towards our reading and writing goals with all this extra practice during phonics time!

Last but not least… PROJECT TIME! The scholar’s favorite part of their day in the classroom is project time. We wanted to make sure that while everyone was remote, project time was still engaging and fun for all. Our friends had so much fun going on nature walks around their homes and neighborhoods in search of different nature materials including leaves, sticks, rocks, and acorns. Scholars then observed their nature materials to make a drawing. Next, scholars listened to the beautiful read aloud “Leaf Man” and made their own… leaf people! While we enjoy the weekend, we’ll also be super eager to see the beautiful picture frames our friends are going to make using their nature materials. We may have limited materials while we are home, but that won’t stop our scholars from being creative, innovative, and having fun!

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