Week 4

This week in Pre-K we focused on what makes us important and unique. We read books such as It’s Okay to Be Different, I Like Me and The Same But Different Too. We talked about similarities and differences in our names and our appearances. Students built their names using play dough, and created a portrait of themselves using various art materials.

Students also have been trying really HARD to keep hands to themselves and make green choices. We had Bingo a puppet visit our class and we modeled what gentle hands look like. Students also engaged in a discussion of different ways to make green choices in the classroom.

We use Green and Red Choices in our classroom. It is a positive approach to behavior and for all students in the classroom to learn the expected behaviors. 

Green choices are good behaviors, worded in a positive way. They are the choices we want students to make such as listen, use kind words, and have a calm body. Green is a symbol for go, keep going and red is a symbol for stop!

USING POSITIVE LANGUAGE GOES A LONG WAY! It builds a caring community where students feel loved and safe so they are able to learn and grow!

We will be teaching green choices (expected behaviors) through books and activities all year long.

Family Engagement – 

To help support this work at home families are encouraged to have discussions with their child about the choices they can make, and have them create a book or draw a picture.

  1. Have your child brainstorm what behaviors/actions are green choices and what are red choices.
  2. Encourage your child to draw pictures of their ideas. Families can help write down their ideas in their book or picture to capture what they are saying. 
  3. Send in the book or picture your child created during the week of October 18 for a class share. Families can also capture pictures of your child making green choices at home and send in to ClassDojo to share in the classroom. 

Families are also encouraged to try using positive, green choice language at home.

Say…                        Instead…

Walking feet.No running. 
Inside voice.No yelling.
Let’s work as a team.Stop fighting.
Use kind words.Stop saying mean things.
You look upset. Can I help you?Stop the tantrum.

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