Our Fifth Week of School!

The students have been hard at work learning all about their letters and practicing their writing skills. Every day, we have been using our Fundations writing grid to learn how to properly form letters. The children first learn the letter sound, then they air-write the letters along with me, before trying it on their own with both dry erase boards and pencil and paper. This consistent practice will ensure that your children have a solid understanding of the alphabet as well as how to write these letters independently.

The children have also been busy using the recycled materials donated by our generous families to create 3-d artwork and everyday items. Some children made miniature houses and submarines, while others created ready-to-wear fashion such as binoculars and purses.

After all their hard work, it is important to give them movement breaks, so that they can shake their sillies out and be energized for the next lesson. This week, we have followed along with Halloween movement songs and played freeze dance! The children seem to really enjoy these movement breaks and it gets them excited for the next task.