Class 201-Week of Oct 11 to 15, 2021

This week, Ms. Jenny invited the class to identify all colors they discovered from fall.  We learned that warm colors are orange, yellow, and red; cool colors are blue, green, and purple. After a clear explanation about the difference between cool colors and warm colors, we encourage children to use warm colors bleeding tissue papers to make a beautiful artwork that most represent fall. Before we started the activity, our children were so curious to know how to paint without using paint. With our questions, we begin our activity.

First of all, we tore off bleeding tissue paper into small pieces. Secondly, we used a paint brush that contained water, to paste the bleed tissue paper on a white construction paper until everything was covered. When it was dried, our children shook all bleeding tissue papers off the construction paper. We were so surprised that all colors stayed on and learned a new way to do a painting without actual paint! These activities fostered creativity and increased self-esteem where they can be proud to be unique and express their own artistic style.

More Inspiration About Leaves: Leaf Wreaths

Class 201 made a beautiful leaf wreath using crayons, leaves, paper plates, and glue. 

Classroom snapshots

Have a great weekend!

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