Week 6!

Hello K/1 family and friends! Another amazing learning week comes to an end. During project time, our friends have shown how creative and innovative they truly are. They have used blocks to build rollercoasters as well as create zombie invasions! Some of our friends used macaroni and glue to make fun art projects. While others used loose parts and recycled materials to make a wide array of creations.

Our scholars are continuing to build their letter-sound knowledge by engaging in sound drills and vowel extensions. We have also continued practicing our letter formations. We have also been improving at identifying rhyming words, and combining words to make compound words. In Reading, we are still practicing dropping bad habits and replacing them with good ones. Including looking at all the parts of a word, checking the picture to help us read tricky words, and doing something at the end of a book rather than starting a new one right away. In Writing, our scholars are working on revising their small moment stories. They know understand that to revise means to add to or change something to make it even better! Next week, their final writing pieces will be displayed on the bulletin board in our classroom.

Today was our second spirit day of the school year. We showed spirit by dressing all mixed up! Please enjoy the slideshow of all of the beautiful photos showing our scholars dressed for spirit day as well as our scholars engaging in their learning throughout the week. Have a beautiful fall weekend!

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