Week of November 15

In our Chinese language arts class, our friends started to play radical puzzles to make Chinese characters. We learned two common radicals, female(女字旁) and sun(日字旁)and some high-frequency words related to those two radicals, such as 妈妈 (mom),奶奶(grandma),姐姐(older sister),妹妹(younger sister) 和好 (good). We had partner power to make sentences using our sight word flashcards, and read and found snap words in our books!We had so much fun with our reading partners and learning tools!

During our project time, our friends LOVED to talk about our community. We noticed some special buildings in our community and then we discussed people who work in those special buildings and their tools. Our friends made books about their favorite community helpers, made menus, played pretends, and they built special buildings, workers, and their tools with our recycled materials.

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