Week 14!

week 14 william

Hello K/1 family, happy Friday. Today we celebrated pajama day and showed our school spirit. Our scholars had such a fun day learning in their most comfortable pajamas and engaging in the holiday freeze dance! This week we returned to the classroom and the kids showed their perseverance and determination throughout the entire week. Our scholars are growing their brains each and every day. In Reading, they are learning that they all have different super powers, including pointer power, rereading power, partner power, picture power, snap word power, and sound power. In Phonics, our Kindergarten friends are so close to learning all of their letter names and letter sounds. They have also made such great improvement in practicing their letter formation. Meanwhile, our first graders are learning more and more glued sounds that are common among many words. They are also expanding their high frequency word knowledge. In Writing, Kindergarten is working on writing true stories and First grade is about to wrap up our How-to unit! Have a great weekend and enjoy this slideshow of our scholars learning in action.

  • week 14 william
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