New Year’s resolution: Feel healthy and happy!

The start of a new year is a great time to improve habits, try new things, and focus on wellness. Here at school we are taking even more precautions to keep everyone healthy and safe, while also focusing on staying positive despite challenges. Here are some ideas for how to keep our resolutions in the new year


Cooking with kids is a great activity that you can do indoors during this chilly weather and it promotes learning about science, math, and reading. Most importantly, it can lead to a delicious meal! Here are some ideas of simple recipes kids can make with a little help and just a few ingredients

Healthy recipes to make with kids


January is a cold month and it can be hard to get outside and play, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be active! There are lots of fun indoor activities kids and families can do. Here are some ideas

Indoor activities

Social emotional

The current covid situation can be a scary time for everyone, but especially students. Here are some stories that can help them understand what is going on better and also learn how to handle unpredictable things in life