Building Castles!

This past week, our students have been learning about castles! They’ve been watching videos and reading books on the different types of castles, how they are made and the history of castles. We made a KWL chart for the students to share what they know about them, what the want to learn and what they’ve learn so far. The students have been so engaged in the discussions and even more with the activities that we’ve prepared for them. We invited the students to create their own castles using building blocks, wooden blocks and art materials. Some of them worked alone and some worked with their friends.

In addition to learning about castles, students have starting exciting new units in reading and writing. In reading, students are learning how to read longer books more fluently. In writing, students are becoming poets! They are learning how to look at an object in new ways, and use language and structure to write a poem about it.

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