Lunar new year= fresh healthy start

Happy Lunar New Year 2022!

The New Year, Chinese or Vietnamese (Tet holiday), Korean, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian and Filipino, more commonly known as Lunar New Year, falls this year on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 and traditionally lasts 15 days.

We are entering the year of the Tiger! Many members of our school communities come from countries where this tradition is from and others are from different places with their own traditions, but we can all share in the joy of celebrating a new year and a fresh start. Here are some ideas for celebrating a healthy and happy new year:

Nutrition yummy recipes to try

These lucky foods for lunar new year are also healthy. Maybe try one or use one of the ingredients in a different dish.


Celebrate and get some exercise by learning a lunar new year dance 🙂

Social emotional

Celebrations are a great time to enjoy time together and also reflect and learn some valuable lessons. These stories can help start some conversations about honoring our cultures and other people’s traditions, working together, and gratitude.

Celebration in our school community

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