Learning All About Measurement!

The children have been hard at work this week learning all about measurement!
So far, they have learned to measure objects using different tools, such as centimeter cubes, rulers, paper clips and string. The children are learning new vocabulary words such as “longer than”, “shorter than” and how to properly state a length, such as “This pencil is 18 centimeters long.” As the children dive deeper into this unit, I encourage families to bring the learning home and measure different items around the house with their children, comparing sizes and using the new vocabulary.

Jezbel measuring a pencil with centimeter cubes.
Ellie and Daniel using both centimeter cubes and unifix cubes to measure.
Indigo and Isabelle using unifix cubes to measure pencils.
Anwill carefully using centimeter cubes to measure.
Sebastian and Rai Li using centimeter cubes to measure.
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