Week of January 31- February 4th

Hello K/1 family, this week our school community celebrated the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year. We explored the holiday by reading books, watching videos, and having discussions with each other. Students enjoyed learning about the different traditions that are done during this holiday. They learned how families clean their houses by sweeping out bad luck, they have big family feasts, wear traditional clothing, share red envelopes with money, enjoy parades with fireworks, and so much more! Students were tasked with drawing a picture on what they found most interesting about this holiday, as pictured:

Our first grade friends have been learning all about measurement! So far, they have learned to measure objects using different tools, such as centimeter cubes, rulers, paper clips, and string. The children are learning new vocabulary words such as “end point,” “longer than,” and “shorter than.” It is highly recommended incorporate this learning at home by working with your child to measure different things around the house and compare the lengths of different objects.

Our Kindergarten friends have been hard at work while working on their how-to books. They are writing how-to books on how to play tag, how to brush your teeth, how to make pancakes, etc. They are so excited to teach others on topics they know a lot about!

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