What’s inside my home? continuation..

This week we continued our discussions of what is inside a home. Our Pre-k friends shared pictures of a specific room in their homes and talked about what furniture/objects they have. During centers Prek showed creativity and great imagination in applying what they learned. Students created a home in the block area and added furniture to it.

Students creating doll furniture using wood and various materials.

Students also created a Tiger headband with Ms. Bauman to welcome the new year.

To end off the week we practiced letter recognition by playing the game Alphabet Bingo.

We had such a great time learning about what’s inside a home. On Friday, February 11 we would like to host a Show and Tell. Students can bring in one thing that is found inside their homes to share with the class.

EXAMPLES : A book, a small toy, a decoration.

Please make sure the object your child brings in to share is small and can be stored inside their backpacks.

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