February Fiber Arts Unit

The month of February is devoted to Fiber Art: a style of fine art which uses textiles such as fabric, yarn, and natural or synthetic fibers. Students at each grade level are being introduced to weaving and stitching through the projects featured here, among others.

Here are paintings by Pre-K on canvas fabric. We read the book, “Sky Color” by Peter Reynolds and painted the sky using liquid watercolors. The next time we met, we used printing tools to print on top of our skies.

In kindergarten and first grade, students are focusing on three skills: twisting, wrapping, and tying. We’ve made woven sculptures, made “Not a Sticks” (based on the book “Not a Stick” by Antoinette Portis), and practiced stitching with pipe cleaners. Here are examples of their stitching explorations:

Our second and third graders have made wonderful painted paper weavings. We painted with warm and cool colors, and then used our paintings to make looms and strips for weavings. Last, students added tassels to their weavings.

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My name is Ms. Bauman, or Ms. B, and I am the visual arts teacher at P.S. 896 School of Creativity and Innovation.

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