Last week before Winter Break!

Our students have been working hard during Math! Our new math module is adding and subtracting up to 10, 100 and 1,000. Some students are working on adding and subtracting using place value disk/charts. They also learned other strategies like the arrow way and number bond tree. One group incorporated Zearn into their lessons and the students have been enjoying it! We are proud of how far our students have come and encourage them to practice at home.

100th Day of School!

February 16th was the 100th day of school! Our students celebrated by writing down three reasons why they love P.S. 896 and they came up with so many different ones! Then as a class, we put them up on the hallway for everyone to see!

Becoming Great Readers!

This week for Readers workshop, the students learned about literary language. Literary language consist of repetition, alliteration, and comparison. The students were taught o used these languages to better understand the book they are reading. We also had the students practice partner reading. They enjoy reading with their friends because they can help each other out.

We hope that everyone has a great and relaxing winter break!