March Wellness: Celebrating national nutrition month!

March is a beautiful month, we finally start to see some sunshine and kick off the spring season. It also happens to be national nutrition month which is a great reason to focus on fresh starts and trying out some new foods that give us energy and make us feel good. Here are some things students are working on and things you can try at home


At school, we have started a “friendly foodies” club made up of students who want to learn and promote healthy eating. The first step was to create a video of how students can make healthy choices in the cafeteria. Please enjoy and perhaps talk to your child about how they can try out a new healthy habit during lunch.

Also, try having students make their own healthy foods. They can even share with the whole family! Check out this video for ideas

video of snack ideas
friendly foodie video


After months inside avoiding the cold, its time to get out there! Healthy eating gives us the energy to play and grow. Check out this video of fun activities you can do in the park without any materials

Social Emotional

While spring is full of fun, it is also normal that students start to get tired and cranky when it comes to schoolwork. These are great examples of stories that can teach them it is ok to be a little grumpy sometimes, but they can always recover and start fresh. Also, there some videos of how to speak about these emotions in the languages represented in our school, Chinese and Spanish. Emotions and the need to express them are universal! 🙂