Week of March 14-18

This week we continued our study of what is in a community. Check out what students created during center time.

Building a community with blocks and adding details to it.

Matching Game – Students matched the community helper to the place where they work. After matching it we created a class book.

Creating a flower shop and bakery for the community using recyclables.

Measuring mail with unifix cubes to see how many cubes long it is.

We went on a neighborhood walk on 5th Avenue to visit a Mexican bakery. Students had a chance to talk to a baker and observe what’s in a bakery. We had a great time!

Special shout out to Perla (Erick’s mother) our class parent who coordinated this visit to the bakery.

We also took a closer look at the different stores we see on 5th Avenue in the community.

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Pre-Kindergarten Teacher