Week of March 21 – 25

We continued our study of what’s in a community. Students matched helpers in the community to the place they work in. We also discussed the roles of community helpers and how they help the community. Look below at the different activities students engaged in this week

Students building a big hospital in the block area.

A group of students decided to create a jewelry store for the community. They made a plan of what jewelry they want the store to sell. Afterwards they made necklaces, bracelets and earrings using various art materials.

Sofia measuring mail in the science center using unifix cubes

Friendly Reminder –

Families! We need your help! If you are a COMMUNITY HELPER of ANY KIND, please help us learn more about your important work! (Zoom visits, videos or classroom visits are all welcome!) Please contact us on ClassDojo.

Published by Ms. Cao

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher