April: Spring cleaning


Spring is a great time for a fresh start. It is a good time to give the pantry and fridge a little clean and think about what kinds of foods are there to reach for. Here are some ideas of how to stock the fridge and pantry with healthy choices without having to spend too much time or money http://cheapdeliciousdinner.com/how-to-stock-a-pantry-on-a-budget/. https://www.cuerpomente.com/alimentacion/nutricion/organizar-nevera-comer-sano_2480


After a long winter we are finally getting some sun! It is a great time to enjoy walking and the park again! Take a look at this map of where you can spot the beautiful cherry blossom trees. Could be a great after school or weekend activity to talk to a couple and take a picture or just enjoy looking at them! https://tree-map.nycgovparks.org/tree-map/species/92410

Social Emotional Learning

Spring is full of fun, but students might also feel tired and ready for summer. Check out these read alouds that can help students stay motivated and express their feelings