We Celebrate Learning!

Project Time

Second and 3rd graders explore living things and their relationship to water.

2nd grade reading and writing units ended with celebrations.
Fatima making observations about her seedlings.

We have started our new unit on Living Things and their relationship with water. Our students are so excited to watch their seeds and lima beans grow as they make observations. Some questions that are arising so far are… What happens if you use to much or too little water? Which will grow faster the lima beans or the seeds? How will transferring our seedlings to soil change the growth of their seedlings.

Micah excited to see his seeds have sprouted.

2nd Grade Reading and Writing Celebrations

Writers gathered to share their book nominations on who should when the best book award!

Today 2nd grade ended their Series Book Unit and Opinion Writing Unit by sharing their book nominations for Best Book Award and participating in a debate on the Topic “Who is a better friend Frog or Toad”? It was so nice to see 2nd grade make opinions backed by reasons and supported with evidence. Ask your student who won Frog or Toad!

Ready! Set! Debate!