Week of May 9 -13

This week we continued our exploration of plants. We visited the school garden and we did a flower scavenger hunt. Students were asked to find flowers by color, count how many flowers of that color and draw it in their clipboards.

In centers students also created a picture of things plants need in order to grow using model magic. Students also painted flowers.

We also continued our lima bean experiment. Students observed what changes they see in the lima bean after ten days. We discovered that the lima beans grew roots and bigger. Another thing we discovered together is that some lima bean seeds started to grow mold. We talked about why that happened, and we came to the conclusion that we gave it too much water. Students said the lima beans are no longer healthy. Students were invited to redo their baggies and add new lima bean seeds to. We will continue to observe our new lima bean seeds and watch what changes happen over time.


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