May Wellness Blog: Time to stop and smell the roses :)

April flowers bring May flowers….and fresh foods! This is a great month to harvest any plants from April or plant some for summer. It is also a great time to enjoy the nature in full bloom and sun shining bright after a long winter. Here are some ideas of how you can stay active and healthy this May


May is a great time for nutrition. A lot of fresh delicious fruits and vegetables are in season and the farmers market tables are full again. The friendly foodies club here at school has been discovering the different parts of the plant we eat. Check out this video lesson you can watch at home and challenge kids to eat as many plant parts as possible. A celery stem today, a bean seed tomorrow, the next day perhaps a leaf or a broccoli flower!


Getting active is much easier with 70 degree and sunny weather! Take advantage of local spots to run and play

  1. Our beloved sunset park of course!
  2. Bush Terminal Park. Not far from our school is Bush Terminal Park right on the water. They have a track, field, and plenty of spots to enjoy the water.

Social Emotional Learning

What we choose to plant and/or eat is a very personal and sometimes causes us to feel different or bad for not having plates that match what most people have. We want to teach students to celebrate diversity and here are some great stories that can help do that