My Family

This week we started to learn about family, and discussed what members can be in a family. Students shared their family photos and created a family portrait.

Below is a family engagement activity you can do with your child at home.

Family Engagement Activity –

We are learning about family, and we would love to learn more about your families. Create a book about your family. Families can choose what type of information to include in the book. Ideas can include the –

• people in their family,

• where the family lives,

• things the family likes to do together, • favorite foods,

• languages spoken,

• family heritage, traditions, • celebrations,

• information about their home, etc.

Families can choose how to illustrate the book (i.e. drawings, photographs, pictures from magazines, etc.).Return your Family Book on Monday, November 28 to share.

We also learned the letter Cc this week with Baby Echo. Students are making a C for cat craft.

Published by Ms. Cao

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher