First Grade Project Time

In months of November and December, our first grade friends enjoyed so much about autumn. We celebrated Halloween, we talked about how pumpkins grow, different kinds of pumpkin/squash, parts of a pumpkin, and food made with a pumpkin. First graders raised a bunch interesting questions, such as 1) why does pumpkins grow on the ground? 2) how much space do they need to grow? 3) I saw some pumpkins (they referred squash as pumpkin in Chinese) grow on a tree, not the ground, what made them different? Our friends’ curiosity guided our class to learn more about plants, especially, different types of plans: herbs, shrubs, trees, creepers, and climbers. We landed on a new topic, apples, many of our friends went apple picking this year. This topic recalled their memories about apple trees, we learned many fun facts about apples, compared apples, and did surveys in the class about apples. At home, you could invite your child to be a speaker, they could teach you more about an apple than you know!