Partnerships in Kindergarten

Our kindergarten friends had many opportunities in a day to work with their partners. We have different partnerships in reading, writing, math, and project time. One of our classroom goals is to hear and value everyone’s voice in the room. Therefore, a few ways we tried in November and December, we asked our friends to find their assigned partners to read and write together, choosing a group of friends to join during project time, and also they have volunteer opportunities to share their work publicly as a class. At home, you could try to be your child’s reading partner, and ask them to show you how to read with a buddy. Also, you could practically be your child’s writing partner by writing with them, sharing what you drew and wrote, and giving each other some feedback. In math, you could reuse the game we sent home with your child, we will add more math partnership activities next month, please stay tuned with this piece of information!