Month of December

This month students continued to write their non-fiction books. They were able to publish and read their writing to the class. We started our new unit of opinion writing. Our second graders have been writing about their favorite characters and books. Our third-grade students have been writing persuasive essays and speeches. In math, second-grade students have been working in place value and using different manipulatives to help us break apart ten. Third grade has been working on the commutative property and learning to skip count through division and multiplication problems. This month we learned about different holidays and included our families to share their holiday traditions.

Here on some photos of Josef’s mom who made latkes for the whole class. She shared with us the history of Hanukkah. Josef was able to share with the class the lighting of the candles on the menorah which represents each day of Hanukkah.

Here we have some photos of families joining us to make gingerbread houses. This is a tradition that is done during Christmas time.

Here are some photos of students doing turn and talk about their opinions and reasons.

holiday hat day

Students reading their non-fiction books to the class.