January 2023!

Happy new year K/1 family! Here are some updates for what we have been doing in our classroom so far this month.

Kindergarten Reading & Writing

In Reading Workshop, Kindergarteners have been using their super powers! They have been such great super readers during this unit. We have been practicing pointer power, snap word power, picture power, reread power, sound power, pattern power and partner power. In the next unit, students will continue to work on their super powers and expand on them.

In Writing, our Kindergartners have been working super hard on their how-to books. They have become the teachers by teaching their writers how to play at the park, how to play sports, how to make different foods, and so much more! They have been learning how to use transition words in their writing, such as ‘first, next, then, last.’ They are also learning how to add tips and warnings in their writing. For example, if they are writing how-to make scrambled eggs, they may write “Do not get shells in the pan!”

First Grade Reading & Writing

Grade 1 has just wrapped up our nonfiction reading unit. We are now working on unit 4: “Readers Have Big Jobs To Do.” In this unit, your children will be challenged to read with greater fluency, meaning they will read in phrases instead of reading 1-2 words at a time. In order to achieve this, we will be working on tying in everything we’ve been learning from Fundations to problem solve new and challenging words. We will also be working on comprehension. We will be working on making a movie of what we’re reading to picture what’s happening, keep track of different characters and how they change throughout the book, and grow our vocabulary knowledge.

In Writing, first graders are currently working on their all about nonfiction chapter books. They have been teaching others about topics they are experts on. In their writing, they have been practicing adding twin sentences, comparisons to help give the reader a clearer picture, drawing diagrams (detailed pictures), and using size, shape, and color words. Next week we will start publishing!