Kindergarten and First Grade Writing

Students in kindergarten and first grade have begun a new writing unit. Kindergarten just published How-To books and are now moving on to Opinion writing. In this unit the students will focus on how to solve problems within the classroom, the school and their neighborhood. Students will think of problems they see in the classroom, for example- markers with no caps on them. Students then create a solution for that problem by drawing and writing reasons why we need to make sure that our markers have caps on them.

In first grade, your child just finished All About books. Students had to think of a topic that they know a lot about. For instance, dogs, soccer, the beach. They had to draw and write all the things they knew about that topic. Now in the new unit, students will be writing reviews. Students will compare two items and decide which is the best. For instance is pizza better than tacos? Students will then have to give reasons why they like pizza rather than tacos

Kindergarten Anchor Chart
First Grade Anchor Chart
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