Happy May!

We have been busy BEE’s for the month of May. The students have concluded both ELA and Math state exams. We’ve also wrapped up our residency programs for music, art, and STEAM. The student’s artwork with Studio in School (art) will be on display for the art show and the students will showcase their music skills on May 26th for Family Friday.

Math- Mrs. Willis group: The students are currently learning about collecting data and using graphs to record the data they have collected. Mrs. Legaspi’s group: The students are continuing with adding and subtracting 10’s and 100’s within 1,000.

Writing- The students are writing non-fiction books about a topic they are interested in learning about. In order to write about their topic, they had to do research by reading books and searching the internet.

Project Base Learning- Our PBL unit is on Community. We have been talking about our community Sunset Park but also our school community. The students recently wrote letters to members of our school community and asking them if they can volunteer. They also created posters for both the school and to post around Sunset Park. We also had a chance to see a Sanitation truck and talk to sanitation workers about how they help communities stay clean.

Phonics- Our students have been doing great in phonics! We are currently learning different types of syllables (open, closed, VCV), doing letter and sound drills, spelling , and writing sentences. This has been helpful for students as it helps with reading and writing.

What to look forward to:

Field Trip: We will be having our first official field trip on May 25th, 2023 to the Prospect Park zoo. The students are so excited as it is the first for some of them.

Field Day: The school will be having their Field Day on June 14th at Sunset Park. We have sent home permission slips and if you have not done so, please sign and send back to school.

June: Count down to the last day of school by wrapping up units in Math, Reading, Writing, PBL, and Phonics.

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