Ways we learn

Grade Level: K-1


If Then Unit:  Growing Expertise in Little Books:  Reading for Information:  In this unit, our readers find ways for their books to become their teachers so that they can learn ideas and information about the world.  They also ask themselves the question, can books get me to wonder about things?


If Then Unit:  All About Books: In this unit our writers will be asked to write about topics they know a lot about.  This means that their beloved bicycle, action figure collection and their favorite topics – horses, insects, dinosaurs – are book worthy!  During this unit, writers will write lots of information books about lots of different topics.  


Module 4:  Number Pairs, Addition, and Subtraction to 10: In this module our mathematicians begin to harness their practiced counting abilities, knowledge of the value of numbers, and work with embedded numbers to reason about and solve addition and subtraction expressions and equations.  


Unit 3:  Our Environment

Social Studies

Unit 3:  Geography, People, and the Environment

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