Curriculum Night

Hello families! Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our school’s curriculum night. During our time together, we discussed our daily schedule, overall expectations and went in depth about the different curriculums we use to teach your children. As I understand that many people could not attend curriculum night due to work responsibilities,Continue reading “Curriculum Night”

Our Eleventh Week of School

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving by having a Thanksgiving Potluck during the students’ lunch periods. Thanks to all of our wonderful parents, the children were able to enjoy a delicious meal with their teachers, friends and families. The children also brought in items that represented what they were thankful for and presented them during ourContinue reading “Our Eleventh Week of School”

Our Ninth Week of School!

It was an eventful week in class 1-014, as the students received their first classroom jobs and earned their word detective badges. Each child is now responsible for different tasks thought-out the day, giving them a sense of personal responsibility and ownership of their classroom. The children were very excited to receive their jobs andContinue reading “Our Ninth Week of School!”