Kindergarten New York Aquarium Trip

Our kindergarten friends had so much fun at New York Aquarium. We explored different species of marine animals and their habitats. Also, we learned about saving the environment from the Sea Lion and Bruiser. In class, we had a great discussion about how to save the Earth and protect our marine animal friends.

Exploration of Animals and Their Habitats

Our kindergarten friends enjoyed their field trip to Prospect Park Zoo. We had a great opportunities to visit different types of animals and their homes. In our unit of study, kindergarten learners are reading and writing about non-fiction all about books. At home, our families could talk about different things they observed and noticed fromContinue reading “Exploration of Animals and Their Habitats”

Kindergarten Chinese Language Art Centers

This week, our kindergarten friends engaged in reviewing and learning sight words in Chinese. They could use their sight word flashcards to make longer sentences now! While working in centers, our friends negotiated with their friends to decide who goes first, knowing how to take turns and give friendly comments.