Book of the Month

February Book Of The Month 

Culturally and Historically Responsive Reflection

  • Identity:  How do you like your hair to look?
  • Skills: How do you take care of your hair?
  • Intellectualism: Have you ever wondered why everyone’s hair is so different?
  • Criticality: What makes a good friend?
  • Joy: What do you like about your hair?

Crazy Hair Day, by Barney Saltzberg

January Book Of The Month 

Culturally and Historically Responsive Reflections

  • Identity:  What is your favorite color?
  • Skills: Discuss how mixing colors creates a new color: red + white = pink, yellow + blue = green, etc 
  • Intellectualism: I can learn about rainbows
  • Criticality: What objects do you see in the sky?
  • Joy: What is your favorite thing about art?

Sky Color, by Peter Reynolds

December Book Of The Month 

Culturally and Historically Responsive Reflections

  • Identity:  How do you act when you are tired?
  • Skills: Notice the different conversation bubbles and what they tell you about the feelings and conversations between Elephant and Piggie. 
  • Intellectualism: I can learn about dream catchers:
  • Criticality: Why is sleep important?
  • Joy: Name something you like to dream about.

I Will Take a Nap, by Mo Willems

Book of the Month

The idea behind Book of the Month is that each month every student in a school has the opportunity to read a common text, and engage in learning, thinking, and responding to that shared text.

Sharing one story every month helps to unite our school community.  One book providing a common experience to discuss sends a message to the entire population of a school and unites it.  What better topic to discuss than a children’s book shared in class?  Children discuss it in school with their teachers and classmates and then they can also share their conversations with their families.

At SCI, we select a new book every month.  The topics vary month to month.  They may reflect something happening at school, or in current events.  Sometimes, we will celebrate an event, or we may discuss community values or share a fun book simply for the  joy of reading. All of the books are intended to highlight something special and bring joy to our lives.  Recommendations from students, teachers and parents are always welcome.