Week of 5/16

Our first grade and kindergarten friends continued to work on their habits, rainforest and arctic. They worked as teams to build their diotama and posters. Also, they read books to gather information to build on what they know. Used blocks to demonstrate their understanding of habits as well.

Week of May 16, 2022

This week we continued our seed/plant unit. The students chose seeds that they wanted to plant, we observed lima beans that we placed in zip lock bags and discussed what happened to them. We talked about different types of seeds- flower, fruits and vegetable and then we ate them. Fun week.

Class 201- Week of May 16 to 20, 2022

Class 201 loved learning math, especially with learning buddies! Our learning was not limited to connecting measurement with physical units by using iteration with an inch tile to measure, but also measure to various objects and comparing the differences in length using inches, feet, and yards. Happy Birthday to Jieyi and Justin! Have a wonderfulContinue reading “Class 201- Week of May 16 to 20, 2022”

Week of May 16 – 20

This week we continued our explorations of plants. We visited the school garden to plant seeds and tulip flowers. We also potted our lima beans into soil. Students also had an amazing time exploring our outdoor centers. Students built structures with the outdoor blocks and created a flower garden at the sensory center.


Today, the third graders from our ICT class celebrated the end of their reading unit. They started the unit as just “third grade readers”, they ended the unit as third grade “Researchers”. They had the independence of creating their own projects using their notes, and different strategies to teach others about their subjects(animals). Let’s lookContinue reading “Celebration!”