Week of March 13 -17

This week we started a new learning unit on community helpers. We began talking about what helpers are in our school community. Students decided to transform the dramatic play center into a pretend school. Below are pictures of all the fun stuff they have been engaging in during center time.

Week of 2/27 – 3/03

This week our friends shared their pictures of the different types of furniture that can be found inside their homes. We also did a sorting activity and students sorted furniture into each different room. To conclude our learning of where we live, we are making homes out of cardboard.

Transportation Celebration

Today our Pre-k students had a celebration for our Transportation Unit, and parents were invited to come support their children. Parents also engaged in an activity with their child and created different kinds of trains using food ingredients (graham crackers, cheerios, wafer cookies, m&m’s, and gummy bears). If you were unable to attend today’s celebration,Continue reading “Transportation Celebration”