Our Lunar New Year Celebration!

This week was filled with exciting activities and new learning about Lunar New Year. The children watched videos showcasing the lantern festival in various Asian countries, read books explaining the significance of the holiday, and learned how to say small phrases in Chinese, such as “Happy New Year!” We capped off this week with aContinue reading “Our Lunar New Year Celebration!”

Our 21st Week of School!

This week, the children have been hard at work practicing their independent reading and math skills. They have been involved in nonfiction reading, learning all about the world around them and how it operates. They have used the information they learned to teach each other new concepts and gain a deeper understanding of their world.Continue reading “Our 21st Week of School!”

Learning All About Measurement!

The children have been hard at work this week learning all about measurement! So far, they have learned to measure objects using different tools, such as centimeter cubes, rulers, paper clips and string. The children are learning new vocabulary words such as “longer than”, “shorter than” and how to properly state a length, such asContinue reading “Learning All About Measurement!”

Our 18th Week of School!

The children have been hard at work practicing their independent reading skills, as we are learning all about non-fiction books! The students have been eagerly learning all about new topics through their reading, such as bugs, transportation and weather. They have also been teaching each other all about what they have learning in their books,Continue reading “Our 18th Week of School!”