Our Fifth Week of School!

The students have been hard at work learning all about their letters and practicing their writing skills. Every day, we have been using our Fundations writing grid to learn how to properly form letters. The children first learn the letter sound, then they air-write the letters along with me, before trying it on their ownContinue reading “Our Fifth Week of School!”

Our Third Week of School

Hello families! This week, the children celebrated the beginning of the fall season and the month of October by decorating our classroom with leaves, bringing in pumpkins for our show & tell and picking vegetables from our school garden. The children have been learning about the world around them while experimenting with different materials, leadingContinue reading “Our Third Week of School”

Our Second Week of School

Hello families!  Our second week of school has come to an end and your children have been working so hard in the classroom. We have been exploring recycled materials and learning how we can use them in our creations. Through these collaborative experiences, the children are learning about patterns and shapes, creating intricate structures andContinue reading “Our Second Week of School”