Week 4 in the Art Room

This week, our second and third graders finished their nature collages. This project took 3-4 sessions for most classes, and their hard work really paid off. The process began with observational drawings of leaves, plants, pine cones, and more. Next, our students added watercolor and cut out each drawing. They then created the texture ofContinue reading “Week 4 in the Art Room”

Week 3: Collaging Away

We have had a busy week in the Art Room! Each grade level is working on collages of either ripped, cut, or found materials. PreK practiced sorting found objects by color and ripping paper shapes. Kindergarten and first grade practiced safely using scissors and cutting lines and shapes. Second and third grade made observational drawingsContinue reading “Week 3: Collaging Away”

Beginning Our Artistic Journey

Our students are beginning the school year by drawing self-portraits. This project is a great way for children to get to know one another and to practice drawing from observation. Each grade’s prompt is a little bit different, but all of our students are taking the time to make one. We will bookend the schoolContinue reading “Beginning Our Artistic Journey”