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Flying out of Kindergarten’

What a great year we had! We learned so much! We learned how to read We learned how to write! We learned how to add and subtract! We learned how to be kind, patient and an upstander! Have a great summer friends !!

Last week of School !

This week was filled with so many different activities, our friends had so much fun working together on team building activities as well as their summer bucket list.

Carnival Day

Students had a great time celebrating the end of the school year! They participated in obstacle courses, table games, and dunking Ms. Sandoval into a tank of water!

Last week of school!

I truly can not believe it is the last week of school. It has been such an incredible experience getting to learn with these students and explore together. We have had so many wonderful times together and learned so much. This week we took time to make each day extra special and make sure weContinue reading “Last week of school!”

Shapes and their attributes!

Our second grade friends from 2/3 ICT room build, Identify, and analyze shapes with specified attributes. They are using different strategies and materials to create their own shapes.


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