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The Science of Weather

Our Kindergarteners/1st have been learning about the water cycle of clouds, rain and sunshine! We learned about different types of clouds and made our own! Take a look our friends did an amazing job!

Family Friday!

Today class 303 had the opportunity to share with their family members how they work on their social emotional learning skills, and how they participate in read aloud.

School Community Helpers

This week we began learning about the helpers in our school community. We took a walk around the school building to learn who works in our school and how they help us. We visited Mrs. Rivera and Coach S’s office to learn what their roles are. Mr. Mario our school custodian showed us what tools…

Class 301- Music Residency

We learned two musical notes, B and A from Mr. Ru. We learned how to play a song, “BLUE” and “B~B~B~A~A~B” with the two notes that we learned. We can’t wait to learn more notes from Mr. R!

Music with Ms. Rosie

Two weeks ago we began our music residency- United We Sing with Ms. Rosie. The children are leaning new songs each week. For example- The Grand Old Duke of York, Pavo Pavo (Spanish song) and Frere Jacques (French Song) with each song the children incorporate different body movements. Ms. Rosie is also teaching the children…

Kindergarten Chinese Language Art Centers

This week, our kindergarten friends engaged in reviewing and learning sight words in Chinese. They could use their sight word flashcards to make longer sentences now! While working in centers, our friends negotiated with their friends to decide who goes first, knowing how to take turns and give friendly comments.

Week of March 13 -17

This week we started a new learning unit on community helpers. We began talking about what helpers are in our school community. Students decided to transform the dramatic play center into a pretend school. Below are pictures of all the fun stuff they have been engaging in during center time.


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