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We are Readers/Somos Lectores!

We are Readers/Somos Lectores! We had our reading celebration last Monday! We talked about all the strategies we learned throughout the unit. We also talked about our favorite storybooks!

Join us for Spirit Day Celebrations

Join us this Friday for SCI’s Spirit Day Celebrations. Character Day On Friday, students can come to school dressed as their favorite characters. Please note that students must wear COVID Face Masks ONLY, and no other face-covering and no toy weapons are allowed. Friday, October 29th, 2021Dressed as your favorite character.(COVID Face Masks ONLY, NoContinue reading “Join us for Spirit Day Celebrations”

Week of October 18

We have been very busy this week. This week was about exploring more using our 5 senses. We took our first community walk and the students were excited to share what they saw, and heard. They also used their sense of touched and gathered different colored leaves, sticks and some rocks. They also had theContinue reading “Week of October 18”

Week Six

This week we talked about our feelings. We read the book Glad Monster, Sad Monster and students acted out what they are feeling using monster masks. During centers we created our own monster mask to represent how we are feeling using loose parts that parents donated. Students also brought in their green choices/red choices activityContinue reading “Week Six”

Week of October 18

This week our friends learned Chinese nursery rhymes about counting 1 to 10 and consonants in Pinyin. We played games like Mandarin Fingerplay (手指变变变) and used hand movements to reinforce our understanding on 4 tones in Chinese. During our project time, our friends continued building their knowledge on autumn. They read books about autumn, painted,Continue reading “Week of October 18”

Week 6

This week, our Kindergarten and K/1 bridge classes practiced holding a paintbrush and moving their painting arms in different ways to make big, medium, and small lines. By using only black paint, our students focused on the size and quality of the lines they were making. In our next class together, these same friends practicedContinue reading “Week 6”


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