P.E. with Mr. Cruz

Alphabet Yoga

Alphabet Yoga is a fun way to get moving while learning letters. Each pose is associated with a different letter of the alphabet.

Physical Education Safety

The Physical Education classroom is a very busy and exciting place for our students. We learn so many things every day. As we learn, safety is very important, and one of the most important things we need to learn about safety is how to tie our shoes! We do have a section of the gymContinue reading “Physical Education Safety”

Locomotor Movements

Here is class 1/2 SD – 308 practicing leaping, one of the locomotor movement patterns learned in Physical Education.


We learned all about understanding, drawing, and navigating different pathways (straight, curved, & zig-zag) in P.E.!!

Physical Education

Celebrating students engaging in social-emotion learning during Physical Education!!


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students in PE

Welcome to PE!

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