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Week 6

This week, our Kindergarten and K/1 bridge classes practiced holding a paintbrush and moving their painting arms in different ways to make big, medium, and small lines. By using only black paint, our students focused on the size and quality of the lines they were making. In our next class together, these same friends practicedContinue reading “Week 6”

Week 5

Ms. Kerry and Ms. Aubourg’s classes talked about lines this week – wavy lines, zig zags, curved lines, straight lines, etc. – and made line sculptures using foam and pipe cleaners. Every student had their own take on the prompt and used line in unique and surprising ways.

Week 4 in the Art Room

This week, our second and third graders finished their nature collages. This project took 3-4 sessions for most classes, and their hard work really paid off. The process began with observational drawings of leaves, plants, pine cones, and more. Next, our students added watercolor and cut out each drawing. They then created the texture ofContinue reading “Week 4 in the Art Room”

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