Art Class

February Fiber Arts Unit

The month of February is devoted to Fiber Art: a style of fine art which uses textiles such as fabric, yarn, and natural or synthetic fibers. Students at each grade level are being introduced to weaving and stitching through the projects featured here, among others. Here are paintings by Pre-K on canvas fabric. We readContinue reading “February Fiber Arts Unit”

Clay Everywhere!

We are starting the year off with the most highly anticipated unit in art class: the clay unit! In the first two weeks of January, each grade is completing a project in clay, which will get painted before being sent home. The clay unit always begins with an opportunity for open-ended exploration. Students are asked:Continue reading “Clay Everywhere!”

Accordion Books

We are leaning into choice-based art-making in the art studio. A couple of weeks ago, students were introduced to the idea of an “artist book” – books that artists make that have pictures and may or may not have words. The children were given the chance to come up with the story or subject ofContinue reading “Accordion Books”

Sunset Spark

We have officially kicked off our partnership with Sunset Spark, an organization that brings creative technology into classrooms. During week 1, the students made robotic turkeys out of Legos! To do so, they followed along with diagrams and a video. Here are some images and videos of the kids at work:

Week 10

Last week, kindergarten and first grade worked on their final project of our unit exploring symmetry by planning and designing kites. First, we looked at kites by the artist Ha YiQi, and read a book about kites. Here are some examples of kites by Ha YiQi: Students then made plans for their kites: And finally,Continue reading “Week 10”


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