Ms. Cao’s and Ms. Angie’s Class

working with leaves

Pre K Skills we will Focus on

Reading Readiness: listening to and following directions, left to right progression when reading and writing, letter identification, and letter sounds;
Math Concepts: patterning, sorting, one to one correspondence, greater than/less than, shapes, size sequencing, number recognition, number writing, simple addition and subtraction;
Fine Motor Skills: manipulating small objects, tracing, painting, coloring, pencil grip, correct letter formation (writing), and cutting;
Science: cooking, measuring, weighing, simple experiments and trying to predict the outcomes, open exploration;
Awareness of self: respect of self and others as well as our school community, waiting ones turn to speak and play, and completing daily tasks.

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Meet Ms. Cao

Hello! My name is Ms. Cao and I am very excited to be your child’s  Pre-K teacher this year. I can’t wait to meet and get to know each of  you! This is going to be a fun year filled with adventures and laughter.

Meet Ms. Angie

I am excited to watch your children grow as students this school year. This will be my third year at P.S 896. I love being a part of a creative and caring school  community. My favorite thing about working in Pre-K is all the fun we have learning about many different topics. 

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