Ms. Cao’s and Ms. Angie’s Class

students writing

Dear Parents

We are very excited to be your child’s teachers and look forward to an enriching and rewarding school year.  So many great things will happen in our class! My objectives this year are to help better prepare your child for kindergarten emotionally, socially, and academically in a positive, fun, and nurturing environment.

We are looking forward to working with each child and am excited to be a part of their growth and development.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the school year. 

Let’s work together to make this year full of fun, learning, and personal growth for your child!

Thank you,
Ms. Cao & Ms. Angie

Pre K Updates

Week Six

This week we talked about our feelings. We read the book Glad Monster, Sad Monster and students acted out what they are feeling using monster masks. During centers we created our own monster mask to represent how we are feeling using loose parts that parents donated. Students also brought in their green choices/red choices activityContinue reading “Week Six”

Week 5

This week students created a ME figure that represents themselves using the loose parts families donated. Thank you families for the donations!! At our sensory center students are scooping and pouring beans to hunt for the letters in their name. Check out what other things our Pre-k friends are engaging in during center time.

Week 4

This week in Pre-K we focused on what makes us important and unique. We read books such as It’s Okay to Be Different, I Like Me and The Same But Different Too. We talked about similarities and differences in our names and our appearances. Students built their names using play dough, and created a portraitContinue reading “Week 4”

lesson with ms. cao

Week Three!

This week, we focused on rules and routines in the classroom. We read stories together such as David Goes to School, How Dinosaurs Go to School, Manners in School, etc,. and had discussions about choices the characters made in the stories. We talked about WHY we should make green choices and created a green choiceContinue reading “Week Three!”

Bilingual Birdies

This school year we are partnered with Bilingual Birdies where students learn Spanish through music, movement and puppetry. Each week Mr. Santiago brings in a friend Coco Birdie to help us learn vocabulary. Here are some materials and resources to support what your child is learning in class. Please visit the links below to accessContinue reading “Bilingual Birdies”

School Calendar

Important Class Links

Summer Packets: English , Chinese , Spanish
Breakfast Menu
Lunch Menu

Pre K Skills we will Focus on

Reading Readiness: listening to and following directions, left to right progression when reading and writing, letter identification, and letter sounds;
Math Concepts: patterning, sorting, one to one correspondence, greater than/less than, shapes, size sequencing, number recognition, number writing, simple addition and subtraction;
Fine Motor Skills: manipulating small objects, tracing, painting, coloring, pencil grip, correct letter formation (writing), and cutting;
Science: cooking, measuring, weighing, simple experiments and trying to predict the outcomes, open exploration;
Awareness of self: respect of self and others as well as our school community, waiting ones turn to speak and play, and completing daily tasks.

Meet Ms. Cao

Hello! My name is Ms. Cao and I am very excited to be your child’s  Pre-K teacher this year. I can’t wait to meet and get to know each of  you! This is going to be a fun year filled with adventures and laughter.

Meet Ms. Angie

I am excited to watch your children grow as students this school year. This will be my third year at P.S 896. I love being a part of a creative and caring school  community. My favorite thing about working in Pre-K is all the fun we have learning about many different topics. 

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