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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the Second Grade Dual Chinese Language program! I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this year. This school year will be filled with fun, lots of learning, many new adventures, and success!


Ms. Jenny

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Class 201-Week of Nov 15 to 19, 2021

This week the class 201 continued exploring pumpkin in many different ways. We learned that some pumpkins are small and some pumpkins are really, really big. We also learned a pumpkin is a fruit, not a vegetable.  There are many types of pumpkins such as cinderella pumpkin, peanut pumpkin, gourds, baby boo, urban squash, and many more.  Exploring Pumpkin Last week, we measured the height of theContinue reading “Class 201-Week of Nov 15 to 19, 2021”

Class 201-Week of Nov 1 to 5, 2021

Welcome to November! This week the Class 201 expanded our exploration on the colors of Fall, especially the colors orange and brown. The Class 201 learned more about pumpkins including how/where they grow as well as different types of pumpkin. Our children obsessed with the sensory activity from last week, painting with shaving cream, so we continued exploring it in this weekContinue reading “Class 201-Week of Nov 1 to 5, 2021”

Class 201-Week of Oct 25 to 29, 2021

Happy Halloween! In the past weeks, while class 201 were investigating the life cycle of leaves in Autumn, they learned that trees lose a lot of water.  When winter arrives, the trees are no longer able to get enough water to replace it. We know that leaves fall off trees to survive the winter and grow new leaves in the spring. This week, we extended our knowledgeContinue reading “Class 201-Week of Oct 25 to 29, 2021”

Ms. Jenny’s update:

Curriculum Night at December 1, 2021

Thank you so much for joining our curriculum night this afternoon. For parents who were not able to join, here is this link to the powerpoint presentation for our class:

Many thanks,

Ms. Jenny

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